Cd player stuck in eject mode

    You may need to hit the eject button while lifting it out. 4. The trouble is some of the cds jamed so i removed the unit took out all the discs put it back in and its still saying there are 6 discs in the play Click here for how to mend it. Every 5 seconds (and this is not an exaggeration)it tries to eject a CD. Notes: Disc is stuck in CD player. The KIA Sportage features a stock CD player with a number of the model's top capabilities, but the player is not without its fault or problems. The only way I know to get it out then is to remove the radio and take the cover off and push it out. My cd player in a 03 chevy s-10 is stuck in reject mode, even while engine off, what can I do ? The player gets extremely hot, very quickly. I switched on the player and i was able to eject all the 6 cd's out of the player and player is back to normal with no errors. If your player has one, straighten a paperclip and push it into the hole. A CD player is standard in all recent Infiniti models and has a number of specific features. Remove and reinsert the paper clip as often as needed to eject the drive bay enough to grab hold of it. If the customer comments that the CD does not eject or the CD is stuck in the CD player, or the radio will not accept the CD, prior to programming the radio, perform the following steps. Show Full Signature Sometimes on windy days, it feels like the Element is a cardboard box and it is tumbling down the road. Is there a way I can get this CD out? Thank-you. Press CD Eject button. At first, I thought maybe one of the kids forced a CD in while one was already in the player. I removed the player and tested my theory on my bench. Hummer H2 CD Player May Fail Due to Internal Fault in Radio - 21 reports. Can't Load a CD. The CD player could be in your vehicle or home entertainment system. Hi, Hope I'm in the right place for this, we own a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, and the other day I was using it to transport my dj gear to a party and on the way there I popped in a CD to listen, once I arrived I pressed eject and selected CD1 which is the one I was listening to. How to Remove a Stuck CD from a Car CD Player - Using the Power and Eject Buttons Turn the car off. When a CD is stuck in a car player, quite often the hang-up is the hole in the CD sticking on the spindle. BTW, the stuck CD plays fine Last year my little nephew spilled coke all over my stereo system. 5 Second Reset. Hit the "EJECT" button before you try to load a new one. CD drive whirs and clicks and then keeps spinning for about 15 seconds and then stops spinning This drive does not have a tray like other CD drives, it is just a slot load where you feed the CD directly into the machine. The CD goes in fine and plays great, but when you hit the eject button, it trys to come out (but doesn't). Resetting the CD player system using the power and eject buttons. Tweaking Windows Media Player 11 Burn Settings. Find your disc in the left sidebar and click the eject button up top, or right-click on the disc and select the eject command. 1) Disconnect the negative terminal from the battery for 5min then reconnect. Then take the second curve and bend it 90 degrees. nothing works, i even tryed hitting the - Answered by a verified Car Electronics Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. On a Mac, providing the CD is not stuck, you can press the Eject key or right click on the disc's icon and select Eject from the menu that appears or you can drag the icon to the trash and it will Gnuman. Its like im getting all the problems in one month like some sort of neat exclusive package where I don't have to pay 4 easy payments of $29. In this case, there are certain steps you can take to  These stuck CDs can force errors on your player and once they get stuck you won't Press and hold the "Eject" button by itself for up to three minutes, or press   This will not scratch the CD or damage the player. Disc is stuck in CD player. Look for a very small hole or check user manual to see what it says. Boot your Mac into single-user Mode. Is there an eject button for the cd sleave in the 6 disc player that is in the glove box. CD player power fluctuations can be repaired by rethreading the power cables located underneath the player connecting to the battery. Remove the 5 screws from the bottom plate. In the menu, the DISC tab is colored blue, while the other tabs are colored white. . You could also try with forceps or large tweezers. Drag the disc icon to your Mac’s trash bin. Ya but if the CDs get stuck, the player recognizes there is a CD but ultimately fails and  7. 2nd argument: Time-value argument: Point out that police are just minutes away, dealer can be dead in seconds if you become irrational. 1st argument: Argument from authority: Unholster Glock 17, point out that you are gun nut who walked right past "NO GUNS" sign at door. Press and hold the eject button as you force an extra disc into the CD player slot, underneath the stuck CD. The AC unit would all of the sudden turn on and there would be no way to turn it off nor could I change the temperature or the any other radio/AC/CD functions like volume. Any suggestions on how I might remove them myself? Reboot the computer and press the eject button just as the bios information shows on the screen. 2. I left it alone and it decided to work the following day. Remove the rubber foot closest to the PS4 eject button, you might get an even more wobbly PS4 if you do this, but worth a try. This article applies to the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (1999-present). Press the 'Eject' button and gently wiggle the CD around. I thought maybe it was a software bug, as hitting the CD eject icon opens the flip down to 100%, the same level as the SD Card eject button. Radio still works and the cd player did until recently. it might not be the right combination for your stereo or your CD player may not have forced eject. Depending on your make/model, the eject button may flash. Does anyone know how to ge the CD out of the player? BTW, I did try the eject button. Has this happened to anyone else. Chevrolet Silverado: How to Eject Stuck CD. Let's say you forgot there was a CD in the Some CD players have a very small hole on the faceplate where something about the size of an unbent paper clip can be inserted to force the disc to eject. When I press eject, it just makes a bunch of clicks like its trying to eject, but it doesn't. * The DVD player does not have a small "pinhole" on the front which would normally be used for manually ejecting discs. with alot of cd players (incar) usually if you hold the eject button for like 10 secs, it pops the cd out, even if it doesnt thikn a cd is in there I tried that! Didn't work! It was stuck showing EJECT on the screen. I've had one stuck before, but got it out by re-trying the eject button several times in a row while pressing in on the faceplate. You can select and remove only one disc at a time from the discs that are loaded. If you get past the cover though then taking out the head unit may be needed. First, try one of these three methods: Holding down the eject key. ". I know in my Mustang the disc sometimes gets stuck on the face plate on the way out. Burned CDs, because of their slightly smaller size, can easily get stuck and fail to eject from the CD player. player skips the cd mode and only allows am/fm and cassette operation. If not, try inserting the CD all the way in, on top of the stuck CD, and then pressing eject. CD player stuck 3 Answers I went to change CD's its stuck won't move says "CDin" blinking on CD 3, will not eject or load a CD, no other buttons respond, when hold down eject to "eject all" nothing happens. Shut off the DVD player 2. Heat from your CD player could cause the label to shift or crease while it is being played; excessive heat from sitting in the car can cause the CD to warp altogether. I did speak to Mercedes and they said it down't void my warranty even if it was a homemade disk just as long as it wasn't tampered with or a non factory stocked cd player. I had to recharge my battery and a few hrs later the the 2nd CD player icon showed up on my Command System and I tired to eject the 6 cd changer and no sound or anything. It plays fine but it won't eject. Just recently started having issues with my CD player on my Silverado. CD will now eject. after multiple attempts discs ejected. By pressing that “Eject button” the CD/DVD drive can be open. Another idea is to stick another CD in the slot while trying to eject the stuck one, it might jar it loose. Most Nissan automobiles are equipped with CD players, which are connected to the system radio on each car. If the disk refuses to eject, check for a small hole in the front bezel. Not likely, but there's always hope. Take a blank/useless CD and place it about 1 inch deep into the slot. This is covered for 3 years and 36,000 miles under warranty. I took the radio out, and took it apart to get the CD out. Any suggestions on how I might remove them myself? I just purchased a used 2007 Lance 1055. Let's face it: Whether you commute long distances for work each morning or are a weekend road trip enthusiast, the CD player in your Chevrolet Silverado 1500 probably experiences a considerable amount of wear throughout the week. (Optional) Depress brake pedal for 15 secs. I had the same problem with the 730RHR. 7) CD changer jams when selecting or ejecting CDs. Make sure that a stuck CD/DVD is not in use at the moment. This should not hurt your disc-tray or drive, I have done it many times. does anyone know a way I can get It played ok, but it wont eject the cd. 1. How To Fix A Car CD Player That Won't Load Or Eject Discs Although I mention in the video that the problem is with a Mazda3 single disc CD player, and show some assembly / disassembly that is Try using some tweezers, needle nose pliers or hemostats (every tool kit needs a hemostat or two!) to pull the CD out while pressing the eject button with power going to the player (theory being The same thing happened with the CD player in my wife's '05 Tahoe. This is a defect and should be recalled. The light from the red laser in a DVD player can be seen as a tiny red spec in the lens. I hear a clicking noise ever time i close/open the cd door. to take the player out,you have two covers on each side of the player covering a pair of holes. The cd changer in my 2004 F-150 ejects cd's when I insert them. OEM CD player will not eject the disc on command. Steps. When the EJECT LOCK switch is on, the disc cannot be ejected during playback. Download the utility from below and extract all the files in your Windows directory (So that you may be able to access it from command prompt easily). Thank you. If this doesn't work, repeat and try to get the blank CD below the the jammed CD, and gently pry the target CD upwards. There is a cd stuck in the player and it will not eject. On other radios usually the CD eject only lowers the screen by 15% or so, just enough to get the CD in/out. It should say in the manual how to force eject. How to manually eject your computer CD / DVD drive tray. Will not play or eject and what is bad I have 2 cds stuck in player. The cd's were stuck in the player for nearly 6 months with no damage. Press the eject button on the top of the keyboard 3. Turn the key on while holding down the Eject button and continue to hold and see if this helps eject. Once done, right click the optical drive and try ejecting CD's we stuck and not playing 2. 3rd argument: Cost-benefit argument: 9mm bullets cost you $0. The problem may be resolved by performing a factory reset on your system as the the factory reset re-calibrates a number of low level controllers including CD  I inserted a disk and when finished listening hit eject. If it doesn’t eject, you can help it along by using a small screwdriver or similar tool to move the small metal tab in the center of the picture below towards the outside of the nav unit. . Took it to dealer and he indicated it was a known defect (suprise!). 3. I’ve even pried it open then closed it thinking that would work but it just went back to being stuck. Insert into player and press down on the cd then lift it out. Once the static power is removed, turn on the system. This button is often a small black indentation that must be pressed with a pen or a pin, and will reset the settings and force eject the disc. Cheers. For more details on manually ejecting a stuck disc in the PS4 console, check out the full  13 Nov 2018 If a disc is stuck in the drive try using a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the disc. * The DVD player is a type that will eject discs if it can not read them for any reason. When the button stops flashing (or when a few minutes has passed), release the button and immediately press it again (theory being that the two minutes of "work" followed by a quick break will fool the player into releasing the disc when you press the eject button again). Look at the face of your disc-tray; below the tray you should find a small pin hole. I was able to get my DVD out by: 1. I have tried ejecting the CD by using the button, tried to force eject the CD ( by holding the eject button for 5 seconds ). No Err code. I tried putting a CD into my Vibe when there was already one in it and it got the original one jammed and then it got stuck in eject mode and started clicking and my fiance was driving, so from the passenger seat I managed to pull the dash cover off but still couldn't get the CD out so I finally told her to finally pull over and turn the car If you are still trying to eject the CDs, you can try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, and then re-connect. Dealership states motor gone about $750. "Load" button doesn't work and if a gently force a CD halfway in, it pushes it back out (still shows a disc in the ejected spot, but I got it). If it does not eject, then attempt to use a flat object like a butterknife, Press and hold the reset button on the front of the CD player. If you straighten out a paper clip (metal), you can insert it into this hole and using some pressure you can force the tray to open manually. If the disc Ejects, then that was what we needed- which was to hard reset the CD player in the car. The DVD player will not accept the disc or keeps ejecting discs. After disconnecting it and using a credit card to wiggle the CD about a bit, after re-fitting it, it came out straight away. I took my LR3 with stuck CD player to the dealer. Do you just push on the cd sleave to make it release? I think my cd sleave is stuck in the player and will not release to add or remove cd's. 2 Apr 2015 If you have a DMC1CD CD Player and your cartridge is stuck, there may be a couple of procedures that may free it up and get it to eject. My 2009 Toyota Matrix CD player became stuck in the "Eject" mode and would not accept CD's. But there is a CD stuck in the radio/cd player and it won't come out. Just use a disc you don't care about, "The Best of the Beach Boys" for example. In the Computer window, select the icon for the disc drive that is stuck, right-click the icon, and then click Eject. You will need to remove the trim and air vents to access the screws to remove the unit. CD stuck in player. But the door isn’t opening. If it is not already in the Library View mode, you can switch to this screen via the keyboard shortcut CTRL + 1. S. Next you find the two slots on the back that allow you to stick a flat bladed screwdriver in and pop off the top cover. 1. The edge of the label lifted and separated just enough that it caught on the edge, and no eject. Turn off the PS4, unplug from the mains, wait around 10 minutes or more, and plug back in. Hello, Driving a 2008 T&C Signature. 2) Try to insert a 7th CD. Download the utility and extract all the files in your Windows directory (So that you may be able to use it from command prompt easily). Sometimes theres a small reset button you can push to eject the cd behind the face plate. The cd player will no longer eject the cd. You will angle one up and the other down so that one goes above the CD, and one goes below the CD. Hopefully they do. Says ERROR and goes back to radio. Remain calm and follow some simple procedures, and you may be able to get  26 Mar 2019 Sometimes CDs get stuck in your car stereo. An I forced to remove the unit and take it apart? Thanks in Hummer H2 CD Player May Fail Due to Internal Fault in Radio - 21 reports. I had a CD with a paper label stuck in the 6 CD player. Please shut the Car off, then while pressing and holding the Eject button on the stereo, while turning the Car ON. I've ejected cd's from it before, but about a moth ago, I put one in and it got stuck. Cd in player keeps turning but won't eject. Method 5 of 6: Using pliers/tweezers. Wait 2 Disc Stuck. This will cause the CD changer mechanism to reset and you might be able to eject the CDs. My truck is a 2000 F150. you need to purchase these removal pins The CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc® drive tray may not open when trying to eject a disc. Ruined the CD, but no damage to the head unit. If any customer complaints are received indicating inoperative CD players as described above, contact your authorized Mitsubishi Radio Repair Center via DIAL function ii and arrange for an exchange unit before removing the suspect radio. Remove Power Supply Fuse For Twenty Seconds if CD Player Fails Problem Description If the stereo/CD player refuses to load, eject, or play CDs, remove the power supply (fuse) to the stereo for twenty seconds to reset the stereo's internal memory. Disconnect battery ground cable (need 10mm wrench) 2. If you want to take that CD/DVD out of your CD-ROM, and the Eject button is not working, then you are at the right place. This information refers to CD players of any brand, including RCA and Sony. Subject: CD stuck in player IP: Logged Message: I have a 2004 Dakota with a model RBK in-dash CD player. 00 to repair. CD will not eject in car's CD player. Sometimes the CD will seemingly be stuck in one spot, but if you keep gently turning the gear, it should keep moving towards the eject slot. Push the button multiple times-no dice Hold the eject button down-no dice A few days later-disc ejects at random. PART II 1. Some people have found using something thin and flat to press the cd down when pressing the eject button will help the mechanism to catch on to the cd and it will eject. RE: CD/DVD player will not open or eject when pushed on Jump to solution I need to know how to get the Cd drive open the computer is off keeps rebooting in diagnose repair mode I need to reload windows someone from Dell said but I can Cd drive to open when it's off or turned on CD stuck in CD player. I even stopped by the dealership and they too could not get it to eject. take a 4 inch paring knife (or similar) and insert it between the cartridge and the cd player in the area between the eject button and the the small tristar about center of the cartridge. I either resort to a paper clip and risk damaging the cd to get it out of the player. I was sort of surprised when I went on-line looking for a fix -- one suggestion was to put in another CD. But I'll let you decide what might work: 5 Ways to Remove a Stuck CD from a Car CD Player - wikiHow Otherwise, it is definitely off to the dealership for extraction -- and who knows? Maybe they use one of these techniques before they dismantle. I suggest you remove the unit and have an teckie look at it. Thanks P. For the really stuck disc, there are some Terminal commands you can use to force eject it. Re: CD Stuck. Using a paper clip bent straight or something similar to that, you will insert it straight into that hole and, using a bit of pressure by simply pushing straight in, release the tray manually and it will pop open enough that you can pull the tray out and grab your cd. does anyone know a way I can get When I press eject, it just makes a bunch of clicks like its trying to eject, but it doesn't. Your DMC1CD is connected to either a DMC1 or a DMC3-4 intercom master. Book on tape disc will not eject, when button is pushed to eject there is clicking then screen says check cd. The labels get wrinkled or an edge lifts and you're toast. etc. have not attempted to get it fixed, that's why I logged on to this site. I have tried to lift it with a flathead screwdriver, but it won't budge. 1 try pressing EJECT for 5 seconds or more. It keeps saying that it is 'reading' the CD but wont come out. There is a hole on top about 1" in diameter. If you look towards the back (inside) of the cd player you will see the Laser eye. Homemade printing labels can become creased over time, causing your CDs to become stuck in your system. 5 inches. The light is on and the CD starts playing, but when I hit the eject button, it just clicks a lot, and nothing else. If nothing happens, insert the blank CD below the stuck CD and push the stuck CD up and out. We can't locate a reset button. Try ejecting another disc while sticking a credit card in between the disc and face plate. Supposedly they will mail me the CD's that were stuck in the player at some point, but haven't received them yet (has been about 2 weeks). 7. I don't see any emergency release on the back or sides. One of the most annoying things that can happen to your vehicle is a CD getting stuck in the CD player. 5 Insert a second CD about an inch into the slot so that it rests atop the stuck CD. My home systems over 20 yrs old now still plays everything perfect, its a JVC cartridge stack and our vehicles always had single cd but I have seen other folks players do it though over the yrs. Follow this procedure to troubleshoot when the CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive tray does not open to eject a disc. Figure 3. Disc stuck in Subaru CD Player. Repair. It is a fairly simple process and if you know what to look for it will take you longer to remove the unit from the dash than to get the CD out. Click the Tools menu tab at the top of the screen and select the Options menu item. THe rollers that suck in the CD just kept going. Press and hold Eject until it beeps and it will eject all of them. On my CD player, it is sometimes sluggish when injecting/ejecting CD's. Shoved the ruler in under the CD the entire length of the CD, THEN hit eject With slight pressure pulling out it slid the CD along with the help of the ejecto-rollers. Briefly press the button. cd stuck in jvc cd player like the title says, i have my kylie cd stuck in the disc player at this point , the unit will ,1 not read the disc, 2 eject it , it says on the faceplate , eject but does nothing, ill post up the model number tommarow . Stereo store experts in town have failed as well to get it out short of removing from dash. Tried ejecting it last week and it won't come out. CD stuck? Try this: Fold a regular sheet of paper and stick one end into the CD slot 3-4" when trying to eject a CD. While I had it apart, I noticed that some of the small gears in the radio used to My Car CD player sometimes says "reading disc" and wont let…. The Cd will still play however, but when you press eject, the cd player thinks there is nothing in there and won't play anything, EVEN THOUGH ITS STILL IN THERE! My CD player broke with 2500 miles on my Charger R/T. My cd unit does not work anymore its the standard factory unit which has got the cassete/radio and front loader cd units which you can feed 6 discs into. am/fm/cassette works fine No it doesn't. cd is stuck inside. discs have begun not ejecting when the eject button pushed. Turn off the ignition. My Car CD player sometimes says "reading disc" and wont let…. like silicone grease or Molylube is suitable for gears, cams, or mechanical (piano key) type mode selectors. It is unresponsive to any CD commands and seems to have shut itself down to prevent any further damage. Desktop CD / DVD drives: Gently insert the modified paper clip into the Eject Pin Hole until you feel it make contact with the gear underneath the tray. Press and hold the reset button on the front of the CD player. Cleaned it the best I could. 2010 ford f150 6 cd player stuck, cd player in 2007 ford focus does not eject, cd stuck in ford flex, ford fiesta stereo cd stucj, ford focus c d player will not eject, ford focus stuck in drive, how do i eject a cd from a 2014 ford edge, how to remove cd player from 2009 ford taurus, how to remove stuck cd from 2011 ford escape Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can be taken to force eject a disc that’s stuck. This one may only work for a different stereo. Step 1: While the car is off, press your CD player's power and eject buttons down at the same time, holding them for few seconds. Try to push another cd in, and the other one will eject itself 80% of the time. Here were the steps: Removed Maxi-Fuse Covered fender with blanket Removed fairing Unplugged and removed player (four allen screws on the sides) Removed top of the player (2 Torx at the rear, 2 tiny Torx at the front) How do you eject a stuck CD out of a car stereo CD player? I have a 1993 GM car which has a Delco/Bose stereo in it. I tried to change from radio to cd, and the player wouldn't allow that either. once a CD is stuck in the player, the player is no good. Playing ripped cd's that people put a paper label on can often lead to problems in non-drawer cd players--as the paper is often to thick for the mechanism. It also has spontaneously locked up while playing a CD. Karoline Sharber 153,588 views Pioneer dvd /cd player says eject lock and is stuck on demo mode. While checking out the Jensen AWM950 AM/FM/CD/DVD/MP3 system, I found a stuck DVD ("Windtalkers") that will not eject. This should force the CD out of the player. Warped CD. The Cd will still play however, but when you press eject, the cd player thinks there is nothing in there and won't play anything, EVEN THOUGH ITS STILL IN THERE! Please how do I get it out, it's been stuck in there for a month. Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 - 00:48 GMT I have a CD stuck in my JVC KD-G200 player. The CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive tray will not open or a disc is stuck in the drive If the CD fails to eject then you can use a old CD and try to insert it into the CD Player, just as it try's to take your second CD pull it out and hit the Eject button again. Here's the kicker, there was nothing wrong with the actual cd mechanism. Click the start button and then click “Computer”. 95. In the future use a magic marker or buy one of the newer CD burners that will actually burn a label into the top of the disk. The disc tray will not open, eject a disc or close. I have done this before and it works. Had to open up the lower section of the console, unplug the head unit power line to reset it. The head unit is faulty and requires repair/replacement. So while I was in the grocery store yesterday, my friends were in the car waiting. Depending on the degree of warpage, this interference can be enough to cause the cd to 'stall' on ejecting. You’ll want to leave about 1″ of space between each of these and the side of the slot. One common problem with the Nissan CD player can occur when your disc gets stuck in the player, and you may need to troubleshoot the system. Can't eject CD. I pushed a paperclp in the small hole located on the bottom-left of the face without results. I don't know how it works, but I got that to work on my 6-disk changer in my Accord. system II 5-CD changer. Now we need to locate the Eject Pin Hole. I have a 08 Challenger and have a CD stuck in the Cd player. Hot enough to warp a cd, and cause it to hang up when ejecting. Disc Eject Prohibit: This feature keeps the disc from ejecting even if the eject button is pushed. In Dunno how helpful it may be, but a few years ago I had a CD stuck in a GM cd player. 2004 Jetta TDI. Turn the radio upside down with the front facing you. belts are available for most makes from tandy or other electronic parts shops. I tried tweezers, but the CD is just back far enough to render the tweezers useless. CD stuck in player + non responsive buttons If you have RBK radio failure to eject is a common problem, don't blame your CD unless it has a paper label. Your help should press the 'eject button' in, while you try to move the stuck CD around and out. Make sure you turn off the ignition and then press and hold both the power and eject buttons for at least 10 seconds. Resolution: 1. I have Jeep 2005 grand cherokee limited and have a 6 mp3 cd while driving and listening to my cd it just stopped working and said " DISC ERROR " it does not recognize any of he 6 cd's. Consult the player's manual. Stuck disc or object in drive If a disc has become loose in the back of the drive, or another object was put in the drive by a child it can cause the drive tray to remain out. Use the disc select button (from to ) to select the disc to be ejected. 5) Now forcefully keep pressing the eject button repeatedly, the CD that is stuck in will force itself out eventually. Obviously I'll take it to the dealer when I can, or wait for my next service, but any ideas how to get it out? I don't want to put another CD in there and try "Eject All". My factory CD player is in eject mode and will not load a new CD. Mine were doing the same some time back, they have a special cd made of such material that when you insert it, it cleans the head and inside of the player from dust particles and allowing the ejecting cd to play afterwards. For the best-quality CDs, change the WMP default settings: Run Windows Media Player 11 as usual. Press and hold the eject button and then power on the unit. The CD will not eject, nor will it play. It kept trying to eject over and over again. Standard Ford CD players can be quite expensive; if you think it's time to replace your broken CD player, If you have a DMC1CD CD Player and your cartridge is stuck, there may be a couple of procedures that may free it up and get it to eject. Reconnect battery ground cable. I would like to inform you that there should an “Eject button” on the CD/DVD drive. Either set the disc to the pause or cue standby mode then press the EJECT button, or turn the EJECT LOCK switch off. Reinstall the fuse, turn on the ignition and the radio. Would not eject. more Try a reset. If memory serves me correctly, there is a manual release on the front or side of your unit sorta like the ones on a PC, it's a small hole just big enough for a paper clip. It was full of dirt/sand. The CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive tray will not open or a disc is stuck in the drive A Compact Disc (CD) is stuck in the player and cannot be ejected. Hummer H2 CD Player Problems | Won't Play, Load or Eject Slipped a CD in the CD drive, on a hp lapyop ,it didn't open on the system, and now refuses to eject I never had a cd get stuck in a player yet but I don't use labels, just sharpie them. Pulling the fuse will reset the radio and allow it to eject the disc as long as it is not a hard fault that resets immediately. Boot into safe mode (F8 key continuously immediately after starting the computer) and then eject using Windows or the button. Any suggestions on how to make it eject the CD? Read the 1st gen you could disconnect the fuse but couldn't find anything on the gen 2. I used a combination Are you referring to Windows Media Player? Does the issue persist only when ejecting disk from the media player? Does the issue persist when ejecting disk from file explorer as well? Check if you are able to eject the disk from File explorer. Q: Disc stuck in CD player. slide the knife firmly towards the tristar, which will release the latching mechanism. such as a software CD player or disc burner, can cause your disc computer continues to eject the tray after rebooting from Safe Mode,  15 Apr 2019 Find more about 'What to do when the DVD Disc Tray does not open' Note: If your DVD player does not eject the DVD tray or you continue to  3 Oct 2019 If your PS4 won't accept a disc, here's how you can take some steps to fix that. They seem to get a bit of crap or dust into I have Jeep 2005 grand cherokee limited and have a 6 mp3 cd while driving and listening to my cd it just stopped working and said " DISC ERROR " it does not recognize any of he 6 cd's. The reason for the swap is because the CD player on the non-Bose vehicle was having problems ejecting and loading CDs. Attempt to remove the CD by using the eject button or attempt to insert the CD. The additional assistance from pliers or tweezers may create enough force to eject the CD. Audio 20 doesnt use removal keys. Turn off your system and unplug from power for 60 seconds. The tool I have had the best luck with is take an old windshield wiper blade and remove one of the thin metal strips that are on the blade. When I press the eject button, it makes a series of clicks, and then plays the song. Thanks for your reply. Broken cables have to be replaced with new ones to avoid electrocution and further power statics. Hummer H2 CD Player Problems | Won't Play, Load or Eject Insert two plastic zip ties – one into each end of the DVD/CD drive. Then try to remove the negative battery cable for 5 minutes then do the same thing again. Only got this truck last friday and still in the process of getting manuals and such. Essentially your cd unit is kaput. To do so, follow the steps given Some CD players have a "force eject" function that's specifically designed to get CDs out when other  Few things are as frustrating as a CD that refuses to eject from your CD player. Problem: Drive to dealer, explain that CD is stuck, dealer says you have to replace entire CD player for $1400. This will 'reset' the CD player and may help. Power cycle completely. Open a CD/DVD drive with paperclip. How To Disassemble Laptop (Dell XPS M1330) <--- Voids any warranty! This is an example. When I turn the ignition off, the CD ejection motor seems to try to be ejecting CD even though there isn't a CD in the player. Once you put the cd in the cd player it won't eject and it won't play. Not hearing much from the cd player when i push eject guess the motor inside is messed up guess i'll take it to the dodge dealership We have a 2001 with the original stereo/cd player. Re: CD will not eject from Dell studio 1555. If it doesn't eject, you'll need to use the manual eject screw, shown in a few of with the disc drive should problems arise and your disc gets stuck. I think it was more likely to be the disconnection that solved the issue rather than wiggling the CD with the credit card as it seemed to be the software that was stuck on EJECT more than anything. A loud click like something is stuck in the player. While I had it apart, I noticed that some of the small gears in the radio used to First try inserting the blank CD above the stuck CD. My Alpine 6 CD stacker intermittently gets stuck and will not eject(CLK320). Step 6 of 6: Use a credit card to pry out the CD If the previous method doesn’t work, you can try to pry the CD out with a credit card. Check with System Maker on how to eject the disk. The unit may go into CD eject mode when it detects improper CD loading. or hold eject button while turning the radio on (power up) 2 disconnect battery cables and short together. CD stuck in "in-dash" "Business" CD player I have a recurring problem with CDs getting stuck in my '00 323iA's in-dash "Business" model CD player. RE: cd stuck in cd player - BMW Business CD Not so simple , use a big flat screwdriver with some soft material wrapped over it ( or a wooden spatula ,I did this , stole it from my wifes kitchen ) start from the left side dash trim gently prying the trim off , you will then be able to remove the srew holding the centre console trim which in turn CD player stuck 3 Answers I went to change CD's its stuck won't move says "CDin" blinking on CD 3, will not eject or load a CD, no other buttons respond, when hold down eject to "eject all" nothing happens. Press Command > E. Seems some types of discs it doesn't like! I accidently discovered this procedure which generally works: First make sure the Command unit is on, Then press the Eject button on the CD unit, Then while the button is flashing turn off the Command unit. You can also a warp any cd with a damp fine cloth and insert it into the player, I have a 2005 Ford Escape & one of my favorite CD's is stuck in the player. Follow the steps below in order to take out the disk of your CD or DVD ROM. With the car off press the power and eject button on the player for 10 seconds or more. Press and hold down power button pressed for 10 seconds. While the car is off, hold the power and the eject button. have not attempted to use player after third instance. However, you may also open the CD/DVD drive through Windows. Best Answer: As the first answerer partially alluded to, most cd players have a tiny hole in the face plate very near the tray. The CD's did not come with the cars as explained in the link but it activated the CD loading mechanism. Step 1: Insert the tweezers to grab the CD. Toyota Yaris: The CD player. Once reconnected to power, the disc should eject . When I press the eject button, it makes a clikcking sound for about 10 seconds then stops. Note: For some Blu-ray Disc Home Theater models, it's necessary to press and hold the OPEN/CLOSE and PLAY buttons simultaneously, then plug the power cord back in. Answer Wiki. 5 Jan 2016 It can be really easy to get frustrated at a stuck CD, especially when you've If the CD player still refuses to eject the CD, try replacing the CD  Burned CDs, because of their slightly smaller size, can easily get stuck and fail to eject from the CD player. You can do this by forcing the disc out to get the player working again right away. Anyone have any magic way to remove a stuck DVD? I cannot find a small hole to insert the typical straightened paper clip. Make sure you have your security code for the stereo. This can occur if there is a mechanical failure or if there is a disk stuck in the drive. The only other way to retrieve them without damage to the CD itself, would be to remove the CD unit and dismantle it enough to get the stuck one out. But getting a cd stuck can happen with a regular cd in a push-in player too. The Disc is no longer recognized as media that can be played through your player, or you eject button is stuck on. My stereo is stuck on cassette player mode - HELP! This is all for a '92 BMW cassette/CD/radio that came stock in my car. Don't overdo this or you'll damage various ribbon cables inside. Unplug the power cord. Tried several times to just pull it out with a little pressure at the edge no go. how do you remove a cd that is stuck in cd player when i push the eject button it makes a clicking noise. The intercom master and the CD player must communicate back and forth in order to maintain proper working condition. I have a '09 Forester with a single cd player/radio. 2013-2015 C-Max, Escape and 2012-2015 Focus And 2015 Edge vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch can exhibit a compact disc (CD) stuck in the player when attempting to eject. It's just the AM/FM with the single CD unit. The first disc I put in was stuck in "reading" mode and wouldn't eject or play. You can also eject using OS X's Disk Utility. You can sometimes find that the manufacturer of your car or CD player have included a ‘reset’ feature to automatically eject the CD inside of the system. Take care not to pull too quickly or to continue to pull when you feel resistance. Discovered the prob by lifting the flap with a pencil, and peeking inside with a flashlight. The same thing happened with the CD player in my wife's '05 Tahoe. CD Wont Eject & Mode Wont Go to "CD MODE" I suspect that the rubber belt that drives the eject portion of the unit has broken. Occasionally I hear the CD player trying to cycle the CD but the eject and load buttons do nothing. Any advice Just fixed mine (2008 RG), with 2 stuck CDs, grandkids weren't involved. And it won’t stop trying to open and close. I used a combination Issue: CD stuck in changer. You then remove the four screws that hold the CD player to the brackets, and unplug the DIN cable and power supply cable from the tape player and power li8ne respectively. I didn't see such a hole on my 2000, but thought I'd mention it in case your Japanese variation has one. Now my CD player only displays "Eject" and I can switch to another disc or make anything play. All CD-related buttons inoperative. CD-only players may use an infrared laser which you won't be able to see come on, though a digital camera or camera phone may. Disc-tray stuck. When I inserted a CD into the player it took it and not only will it not play it (just freezes up and maked a buzzing sound), but it also will not eject it. If your stereo has a &quot;force eject&quot; feature, it should spit out the CD. CD Stuck in 2005 factory cd player. If your CD is just stuck because it was jammed in there or the CD slot is dirty then this will not work. The CD will play whenever I switch from radio to CD, but every time I press the eject button, the screen flashes &quot;eject error&quot;. When ejecting, the cd hits the front cover on the way out. I haven't had any problems with it since. Here's a fix to help out people who have the Delco/Delphi CD player and still wish to retain the original equipment when the problem with CD ejection and insertion is more than an issue that a reset of the head unit would resolve. 50 each, so you can cause dealer $100,000 in Take a small putty knife and wrap some duct tape around the end with the sticky side out. Stuck CD Before removing the unit you might try pulling the stuck CD out through the loading slot. Use a flashlight and shine it in the drive to try to determine if a disc is stuck in the drive, or if an object is in the drive. If this doesn't work, start the car and try again. CD stuck in CD player. For 4 days now the CD player in my 2000 Chevy S-10 has been stuck in eject mode, even when the truck is off (even when I take out the key and open the door). So I tried to eject it and now it won't come out. ERR on display, eject CD, wont play even though you hear it trying to read disc. Subaru Forester / Subaru Forester Owner's Manual / Audio / CD player operation / How to eject CDs from the player (type B) / Ejecting a CD from the player. Figure : Eject disc Wait approximately 3 seconds, and then try closing the drive tray by pressing in on the front of the tray. Normally this is just the start of problems with those units. This resets a lot of stuff. :shock: Not the best car for Windy conditions! Press and hold the OPEN/CLOSE or EJECT button on the front panel of the disc player, then press the PLAY, EJECT, and STOP buttons on the remote control simultaneously. If it still does not eject the unit will have to be removed and sent out for repair. The noise . If none of the above works, you have no choice but to take you car to a dealer or shop and have them remove the CD's manually. You may need to get the driver working 1st however this might still work. Asked in Toyota Highlander, Radio, CD and DVD Drives On my CD player, it is sometimes sluggish when injecting/ejecting CD's. Now when I press the mode button it now longer accesses the CD/Disk function. Infiniti charged me $280 to replace the current radio/cd with a re-built one. Unable to eject CD from slot load drive (no tray) 2. Remove the CD, DVD, or BD disc from the drive. Generally speaking if you remove the unit and then remove the mechanism from the unit you should be able to press on the release lever and manually wind the eject motor and the CD will pop out. All the advice I have found deal with the 6cd changers, not the singles, so not sure what to do to get this fixed. The player had 4 disks in it and it would not eject any of them. If this fails then the CD player must be removed and a manual eject can be performed. Plug the player back into the harness so you have power, while pushing the eject button, very gently pry or nudge the small gear in a clockwise direction with a small screwdriver between the gear teeth, this should cause the slideout to work releasing the CD. I have read that the Open Firmware method doesn't work on Intel-driven Macs, but here is what I have tried: 1) Dragging disc icon to trash, 2) shutting down the computer and restarting with mouse button held down, 3) using the I-Tunes eject button, 4) using Disk Utility eject button, Our 2011 has a CD that is stuck and wont eject. If you have a CD stuck in a CD player, do not despair! Depending on the circumstances, it is relatively easy to remove the CD from the CD player. But first, make sure there isn't one already stuck in there. Make sure it's a decent sized paper clip, not one of the tiny ones (and a jumbo one won't fit) - you shouldn't need to unravel the whole thing and make sure it goes in straight, as it's easy to miss the lever - should feel obvious if on target though. Re: CD stuck in player most cd players have an eject hole (push a pin in to eject) not sure if yours does. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. I inserted a DVD into the MyGIG CD/DVD player and it wouldn't start playing. Eject is a small command line utility that can be used to insert and eject the CD-ROM tray from command prompt. Had to wait a week for a whole new radio/CD player unit to arrive. While the player is popular for its different options, it can also malfunction and force the CD to remain stuck inside of the player. How do I fix this ? How do I remove the CD which is stuck in the Audio player of my car? 18 May 2016 are some simple steps that can be taken to force eject a disc that's stuck in your Mac's optical drive. It would not play and the disc will not eject. one day pushed in a cd and have never gotten it to eject since. Right click on the disc icon and select eject. The player churns like it's trying to eject it, but won't. disc with a microfiber cloth or attempt to restart your console from safe mode. I can’t even switch the source because it keeps trying to eject but can’t. First the door handle now this, I hit the eject button and I hear this faint clicking coming from the inside. There is also a "forced eject" feature some players have. 'twas a burned one, with a stuck on label. Prior to following normal diagnostics, first check for misalignment of the CD player to instrument panel center middle trim panel. If it does not eject, then attempt to use a flat object like a butterknife, Bose wave radio: one or more cd stuck or jammed inside. We have a 2001 with the original stereo/cd player. Perrysburg Dodgeboy. Time for a new CD player or what? Any fix? THANKs I did speak to Mercedes and they said it down't void my warranty even if it was a homemade disk just as long as it wasn't tampered with or a non factory stocked cd player. Thanks for the reply, try disconnecting the negative battery terminal for about one minute, this may clear the error, if not the unit will have to be removed and sent to repair shop or you can order an exact exchange unit from the toyota dealer. My cd/dvd door is stuck but I don’t have a cd or dvd inside! Ugh frustrating. Annnnd I just re-read your post and saw that mine is obsolete. 6. , , Member No: Works Every Time Problem: Drive to dealer, explain that CD is stuck, dealer says you have to replace entire CD player for $1400. Last year my little nephew spilled coke all over my stereo system. If there is no Eject button” on the CD/DVD drive you may contact the Dell for hardware support. It automatically ejected the CD once powered up again. One common problem with the Sportage CD player occurs when a disc gets lodged or stuck in the player and will not eject. Is the drive just stuck? Sometimes they get stuck. On a Mac, providing the CD is not stuck, you can press the Eject key or right click on the disc's icon and select Eject from the menu that appears or you can drag the icon to the trash and it will Best Answer: As the first answerer partially alluded to, most cd players have a tiny hole in the face plate very near the tray. the player continues to try to eject the cd for a few seconds then reverses and takes it back in then tries again. A stuck CD may be caused by a non-functioning or weakened motor that doesn’t have enough power to push the CD out of the player. Try wriggling or moving the stuck CD downwards. Tried to eject my cd today and when I did I got a weird whirring sound and the cd would not eject. Safe Removal of Damaged CD from a CD Player in Your Car - Duration: 16:19. There are 57,000 miles on the car, and there are no discs stuck in the player. The cd can be seen inside the opening, but seems stuck. The only way to get the cd's out is to pull out the unit and take it apart. Do not turn the radio on, just reconnect the battery and press eject to see if it will spit it out. I guess it kinda acted like a wedge. The OEM unit is a 2 piece affair that consists of the tuner/cd player and the panel assembly. Once seen it was easily fixed just by DVD Player Won't Eject Disk. Get back to us with the answers to the above question to assist you further on this query. Hi, my Onkyo C-707CHX 3-disk CD changer is stuck: none of the 3 disk trays will open when I push the open button; a "whirring" sound just comes out. Yes, sounds silly but it may force the system to eject the other ones. I put a CD into the player, unfortunatley the disk was bad and the player gave the Err code on the display. My CD player is jammed with cd's. No big deal but now the CD will not eject. On an older cd player i once had to use tweezers to get it out. It sounds like it is trying to eject and the cd starts to come out but then gets hung up. You will only need to insert these about 1 – 1. Took needle nose pliers and was able to grab it and remove it. I removed the face, attempted to lift the CD, but cannot see inside the slot. Remove the radio fuse for a minimum of 30 seconds. After trying to stop the eject process, the CD player turned itself off. To remove a stuck CD in your car's stereo system, try pressing and holding the power and eject buttons, or performing an electrical reset. Any advice This is the first and only DVD that's been in the unit. You could use tweezers to pull the stuck CD at this time, while you are moving the blank CD around. I have tried everything from removing the batteries and removing the fuses but it did nothing. When I picked-up my LR3 the new CD player still didn't work. Hinge the front of the bottom plate up no more than 2". All fail then you have a defective drive. Now open command prompt from Start –> Run –> cmd. plays the one stuck inside just fine but cannot eject no matter what. Slowly pull into the drive bay until it's fully retracted. Finally had to pull the radio fuse. The disk popped right out with the help of the paper. One of the cd's you put in was warped or otherwise defective. The CD player may fail due to an internal fault with the radio. Please remove the battery and the AC Adapter from the system. $280 included parts and labor. Looks like you've learned the hard way you should NEVER use a paper label on a CD that'll be used in a car (or any machine that has an ejection mechanism). Our technicians tell us that in most cases, the radio unit will need to be sent to a specialty repair  Boot into safe mode by holding the power button for 7 to 8 seconds. Our company trucks get a lot of dust (Road Construction) Had symptoms. If we don't see any more posts to this thread from you, then we will all know that there really was another CD already in the player. If it is, close whatever is using it. This will usually get a Dodge CD player to Eject. 21) Player gets stuck at approximately same time on multiple discs. Tadio has to be reset with code. Related Questions. With the ignition on Accessory, press the eject button while wiggling the CD. The disc eject prohibit feature is engaged/disengaged by pressing the Sel and Eject buttons simultaneously for more than 2 seconds. It won’t accept a CD, but the stereo still works; however, the digital screen shows an “err” message. I had a local guy repair my tuner/cd player (cd wouldn't eject properly and when it did it didn't want to take the cd back in) for $35. _________________ Mail Rated 2005 Red CRD Sport with large rectangular hole in top right behind the EVIC and above the heated leather seats. I take the radio out and take the top cover off. Hardware failed. Sure enough, they replaced the whole unit and shipped the old one back to the factory in the UK for CD extraction. Are you referring to Windows Media Player? Does the issue persist only when ejecting disk from the media player? Does the issue persist when ejecting disk from file explorer as well? Check if you are able to eject the disk from File explorer. cd player stuck in eject mode

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